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We would like to share the services of our multi-talented crew members.  They are too good to keep all to ourselves; and just like all services in the Region, we need to help each other so generations to come can enjoy the future of the North Country and Adirondacks.  Please patronize our listed businesses.  Thank you. 

Architectural Services

Is your buyer developing a property, and you don't know

where to start?  Jung Architecture can help you start the

development process.  Certified in NY, California, Illinois

and Nevada.

Auction Services

Do you have a property that has to be sold NOW.  Have

you thought about auction services for your anxious

property owner?  It is surprising what a good Ringmaster

and Auctioneer can do with a bidding crowd.  Did you ever

go to an Auction and left scratching your head why you

bought that piece?   Auctioneers know why!  Buyer's

premiums cover our auctioneer's cost, so your listing

agreement is protected*.  Gokey's Trading Post and



Forestry Services

Timber management, harvesting, line delineations and

more.  The folks at  can maintain your

 land listings in a professional manner.  


House Staging

Feng Shui Style

Do you have property needing sprucing up?  Adirondack

Feng Shui is certified in Black Cat and Compass

Feng Shui.  Your listings will sell quickly, or a wonderful

closing gift for that special buyer.


Log Homes

Ward Log Homes - quality cedar log home packages

(your builder, or theirs).  ACHR Broker makes Ward Logs

her personal pick, but it's a hard decision because

Adirondack Country Log Homes hand-peeled red pine

log homes are very unique and fit the Adirondack Park

style perfectly.  Both companies offer co-broke on all their

products, and both are high quality.


Modular Homes

Co-broke offered on all 21st Century Home & Structures

products.  "Homes of Steel"  Steel core interior, offering

strength and integrity.  Affordable choices for folks on a budget.

However, don't let the pricing fool you.  The homes are

completely steel enclosed using the Green technology of

shipping containers, star energy materials, and designed to

withstand hurricane forces, pest resistant, energy efficient. 

Affordable doesn't mean low quality.  21st Century Homes

& Structures also has a nifty camp and cabin series call

ATWC cabins.  Both products are cutting edge of housing

technology.  Adirondack Country Home Realty is exclusive

distributor.  Co-brokes, distributors and referrals are welcomed.  Discounts for quantity purchases.


Out-of-State Colleagues

Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. goes beyond our MLS

Services and invites our professional colleagues to assist us

with our Relocation Program at our main office.  We offer

blanket referral agreements with our out-of-state colleagues.


Property Management

You sold that wonderful lakefront home, but the buyers are

worried about the property while they are away.  Offered them

the professional services of Adk2ndHome.  Jeff's insured and

bonded crew can help maintain, care for and even repair

property investments.  A closing gift recommendation that

they will always remember.  Hiring the uninsured is a costly






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