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'Steel Core' Camps & Small Homes

Factory Closed

Through careful review and inspection, we are proud to represent the following product line to our customers, clients and Realtor colleagues.  Each of these warm, inviting and quality camps/small homes are worth your inspection whatever your style or taste may be.  We are now exclusive New York distributors of affordable modular "All Terrain Weather Cabins" (ATWC) packages.  These cabins are great for our "Off The Grid" parcels, or survivalist folks.










Factory Direct!  21st Century Homes & Structures is a unique high quality manufacturing company. The manufactured pre-engineered units are turnkey 'steel core' camps, built in the factory, tested, and site installation ready.  Prices starting at $24,500.00 with no hidden cost  (land and foundation not included).


The ATWC is designed to withstand all types of unique conditions, from extreme heat, torrential downpours and extreme winds.   ATWC buildings meet, or surpass, all New York State and International building codes.


The other benefit of the ATWC is the ability to reach and set it in difficult or remote sites. You really can have your camp anywhere.  The result is a unique camp, or small home, with a beautifully designed living space.

  • You can choose from 320 sq. ft to 640 sq. ft. of  living space to relax in - living and kitchen areas, 1 to 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and utility room. 

  • Your ATWC comes with all its services hard-wired into the structure and engineered for complete reliability and code requirements.

  • The ATWC has been thoroughly tested. There's none of the guesswork or improvisation that conventional house construction more often requires. The materials are top quality, low-maintenance and long-lasting.

  • The ATWC has been rated for all types of storms and should last more than a lifetime. It has been manufactured to meet the New York State and International building codes and in many areas surpasses the local code.  NO CHARGE for drawings.

Manufactured in Saratoga Springs, NY Shipped worldwide

Great Emergency Shelter Units







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